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Benefits of Smiling

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Do you want to live happier, make more friends, reduce stress, and stay healthy? I want to share with you a few benefits of smiling.

When you smile, your body releases endorphins in your brain to boost your mood.

When you smile at others, people feel special and important. Smiling is viewed as a form of approval and increases their self-worth. People gravitate toward others that make them feel good and happy. The more smiles you share, the more friends you may receive.

When you smile, your cortisol levels drop. Elevated cortisol levels are unhealthy and can have a ripple effect, turning your stress into chronic stress. All that stress decreases the effectiveness of your immune system and presents numerous health problems such as headaches, memory problems, heart disease, weight gain, depression, mental illness, and sleep issues.

Do you want to be a positive change for your community and those around you? Smile at everyone, on the street, at home, and in your office, especially those that look like they are in a bad mood unless they are not in a good mood because you spilled coffee on them. Maybe apologize again if you haven’t already. If someone is feeling down and you smile at them, they may smile back at you solely to be courteous. However, it can release endorphins, making them feel better and giving them a joyful day.

Smile, even if you are self-conscious and self-critical of your smile. Don’t hold yourself back from those benefits of smiling. Everyone is constantly more self-critical of themselves than others are. Your smile is beautiful.

Here are some tips on increasing those smiles and your endorphins. Think about what makes you smile and surround yourself with those objects, animals, people, or music. Focus on things that bring you joyful memories or something funny that makes you laugh.

Benefits of Smiling - cat meme

Benefits of Smiling - big cat meme

Did you crack a smile?

Office Tips

Does a cat meme, your child’s artwork, or a family picture make you smile? What makes you feel warm and fuzzy or surfaces a positive and joyful memory? Hang it in your workspace or bring in a personal item from home.

Home Tips

Hang up numerous family pictures in your home. Hang a picture or artwork of a location where you have good memories.

Anywhere Tips

Put a picture of your family or pet on your smartwatch or phone’s lock screen or background.

Get out there and smile!

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